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Data Labeling Automation Infrastructure Accelerating AI Development

Sophisticated AI systems are built on high-quality data. But developing a continuous supply chain of accurate training data is one of the most critical bottlenecks in AI development. This is where Playment comes in. We are on a mission to expedite AI advancement by fundamentally depleting the garbage-in-garbage-out cycle of labeled data. Our mission is to help AI innovators build high-quality training datasets at scale for market-ready AI applications.

We enable computer vision and perception teams across the world to effortlessly build and manage ground truth data with our smart annotation tools and fully managed labeling services. Today, Playment forms an essential part of a computer vision engineer's toolkit as a reliable training and validation data bank.

We believe that AI can transform all aspects of our lives. That’s why we are building robust labeling infrastructures to accelerate the innovations of the future.

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Founder Bios

Siddharth Mall
Previously, Flipkart and IIT-KGP Alumni.
Ajinkya Malasane
Head of Business
Previously, Flipkart and IITG Alumni.
Akshay Lal
Head of Product
Previously, Flipkart and IIT-KGP Alumni.

Press Highlights

Ajinkya Malasane (Head of Business) from Playment chats with Tom Selway at AutoSens in Brussels 2018. The leading vehicle perception conference and exhibition was held at AutoWorld Museum, Brussels.
Ajinkya Malasane (Co-Founder, Playment) chats with E-Cell IIIT, Guwahati in a candid Q & A with Entrepreneurs session. He shares insights into the entrepreneurial world, technology, the startup culture, and a lot more!
Siddharth Mall, Co-Founder & CEO at Playment talks about Playment’s innovation in data labeling to Aegis TV. This was also presented at the 10th Edition of the Aegis Graham Bell Awards for the 2nd Jury Round.