High-quality image annotations at 5X speed

Playment’s ML-assisted tools fuel multiple data pipelines across industries with high-quality image datasets at an efficient cost, scale, and speed.

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GT Studio's ML-assited tools, project management highlights, and performance analytics
  • Multi-Camera support
  • Pre-labeling For Common Classes
  • Ml-assisted Segmentation
  • Easy Data Exchange
  • Built-in QC Workflows And Tools
  • Multiple Media Formats Support

Image Annotation Datasets For Computer Vision Use Cases

GT Studio is equipped with ML-assisted tools to power all unique use-cases across industries with high-quality image datasets.

ML proposals for 2D bounding boxes

Accurate object detection across multiple frames via 2D BB image annotation tool with auto-assignment of unique tracking IDs for all objects of interest.

ML- assisted semantic segmentation

Pixel-wise object labeling by marking the four farthest points of an object to create semantic segmentation datasets in just a few clicks.

3D cuboids for depth perception

Build ground truth datasets for 3Ddepth perception from 2D images and videos with our refined image annotation tools.

Polygons for coarse object detection

Build accurate computer vision models using our high-precision polygon image annotation tool to identify different shapes and coarse objects.

Polylines for accurate linedetection

Accurately detect lane lines, curb lines, pedestrian crossings, road fixtures, and more for autonomous driving use cases using our high-precision polyline image annotation tool.

Landmarks and keypoints

Accurately determine object shapes and variations via a sequence of points on objects using our high-performing landmark image annotation tool. 
Features & Automation

ML Proposals for 2D Bounding Boxes

Pre-label up to 80 common classes automatically by clicking on auto-label. This feature improves productivity per annotator by 5X.
ML Proposals
Pixel-wise object labeling by marking the four farthest points of an object to create semantic segmentation datasets in just a few clicks
AI Assistance
Build ground truth datasets for 3D depth perception from 2D images and videos with GT Studio’s refined image annotation tools.
3D Cuboids
Use GT Studio’s polygon tool to identify different shapes and coarse objects for building accurate computer vision models.
Accurately define lane lines in drivable areas for better vehicle perception models through GT Studio’s polyline annotation tool.
Determine shape variations of minute and large objects via a sequence of points via GT Studio’s landmark and keypoint annotation tools.

Here’s why our customers trust us

Playment's quality annotations helped us focus our efforts towards building perception system for our robots. Their flexibility to seamlessly incorporate our feedback and evolving requirements have made them a trusted partner.

Jack Guo

Software Engineer, Nuro
Quality annotations by Playment have helped us achieve higher accuracy of our models in a very short time. Flexible solutions, QA process, and dedicated project manager helped us have peace of mind. The team was able to experience a real off-loading of annotation needs.

Abhishek Gupta

Machine Learning Specialist, HELLA India Automotive
We were very impressed with Playment’s ability to grasp complex requirements and quickly build custom tools to support it. Our dedicated engagement manager was very helpful with sharing his domain expertise to formulate the right solution for our team.

Nikola Noxon

Senior Engineer, Daimler
Playment has proven both reliability and dedication to our project goals. All targets were met on time; data flow and QC processes were managed seamlessly at a high level. We appreciate the team’s ability to scale up processes and match our desired quality.

Liat Rosen

Data Processing Team Lead, INNOVIZ
Playment exceeded our expectations with open communication and on-time delivery for all our projects. We think Playment has the best UI and data labeling platform in the industry. Their commitment to delivering high-quality data goes far and beyond contractual requirements.

Johnny Diaz

AI Data Operations Manager, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

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Designed for higher throughputs and enterprise scale

GT Studio improves productivity per annotator by 5X

Improve annotator productivity by 5X

Our ML-assisted tools and user-friendly interface ensure that yourannotators are more productive, creating labeled datasets 5X faster.
High-quality data labels for computer vision use cases

Create high-quality annotations for your models

We provide built-in QC tools and auto-generated feedback reports toensure shorter feedback cycles and improved quality of outputs.
GT Studio: Easily scalable data labeling platform.

Easy scalability for your evolving labeling needs

Our flexible platform allows you to build workflows and engageannotators in a way that suits your labeling requirements as you grow.
Reliable data labeling partner for ML teams building perception models

End-to-end labeling solutions

We also provide end-to-end labeling services and deep domainconsulting for ML teams that need more than just a labeling platform.