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What I Love About Working at Playment?

Rupinder Singh
September 12, 2019

I started working with Playment back in January 2017 with a vision to create a fantastic customer-centric organization. However, working for an early-stage startup is stressful; not only did I have to learn about complex product and features; I had to learn them while they were changing. Very often, the product that my team worked with looked entirely different weeks later. Sometimes, what would seem like an incredibly great brainstorming session for an upcoming project would end up without giving us any working solution given the evolving nature of our product.

I realized that this could be a challenge for anyone who joins our team, so I included product overview as part of my onboarding session. It follows more focused discussions on how to use different internal tools by respective team members or buddies.

I always ask a question to every new team members after they have spent a month with us.

"What do you like the most about working here?"

The answer that I get almost every time? Everyone around them is very “helpful” when it comes to “learning” new things. She/he can walk up to anyone, including the founders and would get an answer. So that’s something exceptional about Playment.

I have been leading Projects at Playment for close to 3 years now. As part of onboarding new team members, I take a 2-hour session on how Playment’s product & team helps deliver value to our customers. Here’s the last slide from my onboarding presentation.

So this is something I love about working at Playment.

Since we work on cutting edge technology and often face new un-solved problems, e.g., Playment’s 3D Point cloud solution and sensor fusion set-up on the autonomous vehicles. Each customer project has a different approach to solving the hard industry problem i.e, self-driving vehicle. As a result, our team gets to work on new challenges almost every day. The way autonomous driving technology is evolving; there’s something new to learn every day.

At Playment, we practice experiential learning, working on new problems is exciting but at the same time tough as our clients’ next milestone is dependent on how soon we can achieve ours. In this case, coming up with the best solution in the first go is impractical, so we often make mistakes, and every new mistake is part of the learning journey.

Be it All hands, one-on-one session, project discussions, or a new product feature discussion, the questions from the team range from trying new ideas to questioning the convention. There are questions on company strategy and policies which were influenced by these questions and changed for good.

In short ‘being approachable’ and ‘open to learn and teach’ is in Playment’s DNA, the philosophy is easier said than done, I believe that’s what we have been doing for years, and that’s why I look forward to going to office in the morning and feel accomplished by the day ends.

We celebrate Playment's 4th anniversary today! Playment featured in India’s top 10 start-ups to work for, thank you Linkedin for the recognition.