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Sense Photonics Partners With Playment To Build 3D Datasets Collected Via Flash LiDARs

Merlin Peter
October 26, 2021

Sense Photonics is the world's leading automotive flash lidar solutions provider, offering high-performance and scalable lidar systems to enable faster and robust ADAS and AV systems adoption in the automotive industry.

The company is on a mission to democratize 3D vision building lidar without compromise.

What is a Flash Lidar?

Flash lidar uses a laser-based 3D imaging system in which a large area is illuminated by each laser pulse and a focal plane array (FPA) is used to simultaneously detect light from thousands of adjacent directions. Traditional scanning lidar techniques generate an image frame by raster scanning an image one laser pulse per pixel at a time, whereas Flash LIDAR acquires an image much like an ordinary camera, generating an image using a single laser pulse.

Sense Photonics: 4th Generation Solid-State Flash Lidars

Sense Photonics recently introduced their Solid-State Global Flash Lidar with its MultiRange™ capability that is said to deliver the richest data point clouds at the highest points per second (PPS) in the industry at any range and in adverse weather conditions. The flash lidar system uses global shutter flash to ensure there are no motion blurs and data gaps in the point clouds. The camera-like lidar is paired with the market-validated VCSEL and SPAD technologies found in today’s leading smartphones. The lidar does not scan and is resistant to the noise, vibration, and harshness vehicles are often subject to. The Sense Photonics lidar solution is a viable choice for ADAS and autonomous driving systems globally. 

Flash Lidar Output Sample

Building 3D Point Cloud Datasets With Playment

To continue improving their lidar systems and perception engine, the team partnered with Playment to label large volumes of diverse 3D autonomous driving datasets collected via flash lidar. Playment’s state-of-the-art 3D labeling tools and robust project management and secure workplace were highly compatible with their use case.

Playment managed 2 different projects in parallel, for Sense Photonics — a 3D point cloud cuboid annotation project, and a 3D point cloud segmentation project. 

3DPC Cuboid Annotations 

3DPC Cuboid Annotation Sample

3DPC Segmentation

3DPC Segmentation Sample

Quality Outputs Delivered

Project Quality Highlight

Playment Infrastructure and Processes Ensuring High-Quality Outputs

With over 5+ years of experience in the labeling industry, we understand the importance of consistently maintaining the highest quality standards for our customers and are constantly striving to innovate and improve our product capabilities and processes to provide the best outputs efficiently. 

Here’s a granular view of some of our internal processes that resulted in the successful execution of the Sense Photonics Flash Lidar project:

High-Threshold Annotator Training And Qualification

We’ve created a secure, highly effective annotator training and qualification program to help them execute unique and complex annotation requirements for our global client base.   

Annotator Training and Qualification

High-Precision Annotation Tooling 

Productivity is at the core of everything we build at Playment. 3D labeling tool features like click cuboids, aggregated point clouds, default dimensions, optimized tool shortcuts, and more help us ensure the highest rates of  annotator productivity for projects 

Point intensity toggle function is helpful in marking the retro reflectors and road markings

QC Assurance at Scale 

Flexible Scoring Rubrics

With our flexible scoring rubrics, we are able to edit quality metrics as per mutual agreements to maintain the quality of our outputs.

Flexible Scoring Rubrics

Multi-User Feedback and Verification Methods

Our annotation tools as well as job viewers are built for providing quick feedback effortlessly through doodles, instance comments, and pointing out frequent error types.

Multi-user Feedback Loops

Automated Quantification of Quality 

Our platform auto-generates precision and recall scores that measure the accuracy of annotations in your datasets based on pre-defined criteria. These metrics help determine the overall quality of ground truth data accurately. 

Quantification Metrics

Efficient Change Management

We understand the sporadic nature of labeling projects and therefore offer support for all guidelines, product/feature, schema, and delivery operation changes required by the customer.

Playment's Change Management Workflow

We’re extremely thrilled to work with companies like Sense Photonics that contribute to cutting-edge breakthroughs in the automotive industry that are innovative, safer, and more affordable. You can check out the incredible technologies they are building here.

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