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Why being a Project Manager at Playment can be your best 1st job

Siddharth Mall
January 30, 2018

Back in 2013, Flipkart had started hiring in bulk from top undergrad colleges of the country. I was a part of 100 “graduate trainees” who together underwent a 2-week long induction program. Naturally, we made good friends and then all of were divided into various teams such as operations, product, business, marketing, finance, supply chain etc. We used to catch up frequently - some of us talked about the role very enthusiastically while a few didn’t. Looking back, I realized

  1. Almost all freshers (non-techies) out of college aren’t really sure what do they want to do in life.
  2. Everyone starts liking whatever job (s)he is doing. You feel responsible. You are getting a fat cheque at the end of the month. You make weekend plans. You just seem to enjoy life.
  3. 12 months down the line you understand that there’s more to life. You start talking to colleagues/old college friends about various roles/domains. This is where it gets tough.
  4. You want to try so many things but are not sure where to get started. You think about MBA, that nerdy techie who’s building cool stuff, that passionate product guy who is fixing all the problems, that data analytics geek who's learning super cool tools, that shrewd business guy who’s always thinking about how to make money (more) and so on.

I went through the same thing back in 2015. I always wish there be a role where I could get all sorts of exposure and then decide for my self what of role I wish to pursue. As they say, "You wouldn’t know till you do it". Things turned out differently for me as we started Playment. Incidentally, both my cofounders Ajinkya and Akshay were also a part of "100 graduate trainees”.I can understand the pain but to your relief - Playment provides this amazing role of in its "Project Management" team which suits aspirations of all freshers!What does Playment do?'AI' is the new buzzword in the tech industry. A lot of companies are trying to build various applications trying to automate the work that humans do today across domains like autonomous vehicles, satellite imagery, drone navigation, face recognition, insurance claim processing so on and so forth. But machines are dumb. For them to be to replace humans they need to be taught on how to think, see, act and take a decision like humans. This is where Playment comes in. We provide high-quality human curated training data for AI - easy words "teach machines how to see". We are backed by SAIF Partners, YCombinator & Google Launchpad.Introducing Project Management @ PlaymentPM team at Playment is responsible for end-to-end delivery of a project - starting from pre-sales support to final delivery - the real flag bearer of Customer Success. This is the perfect 1st job you can ask for - a perfect blend of analytics, product thinking, operations and customer communication (and we sell to the likes of Tesla & General Motors). On an everyday basis, you'd be:

Project Management at Playment
  1. Deep problem solving - You’d be discussing different approaches to get a complex problem crowdsourced. For e.g. - Imagine getting an hour of video data (~800 man-hours of work) annotated by 10,000s of common Indians. Our players spent more time on Playment then on social media (everything combined) - some making over Rs 10,000/month.
  2. Analytics - You’d be using various tools to analyze the player's responses to iterate on different approaches. You'll be defining various incentives schemes for players - directly impacting the gross margins.
  3. Planning/project management - You’d be single-handedly coming up with entire project delivery planning, coordination with different stakeholders across product, tech & business.
  4. Customer Engagement - You shall be the primary customer touchpoint for all the projects that you are involved in. You drive customer success at Playment.

Now, let me tell you this isn’t an easy role. There would be 100s of things that could go wrong, you’ll have to be careful about all them. Days will be long, tiring and frustrating at times. But I can assure you that it’ll be a hell of a ride - in one year, you’ll know so much more about your self!

Huge ownership + great accountability = Extremely steep learning curve.

For all those smart bunch of 2016/17 grads who are unsatisfied with their jobs - this is one opportunity that you should definitely consider! Read about Anisha's experience as Project Manager. If you are interested to know solve the puzzle below and reach out to us.

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