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Playment raises $1.6M to focus on Training Data for Autonomous Vehicles

Siddharth Mall
November 21, 2017

We are excited to announce that Playment has recently raised $1.6M in pre-series A funding from Y-Combinator, Sparkland Capital, and angels such as Ryan Petersen, Max Altman, David Petersen and others.

Playment funded by Y-Combinator

Existing investors SAIF Partners participated in this round as well to take the total funding to $2.2M till date. With this round of funding, we plan to become the leading provider of training data to AI companies with a special focus on autonomous driving.We provide high-quality human curated training data required for Object Detection in Computer Vision models. Essentially, we provide human-powered training for machines to see, think and make decisions like humans. We had started with providing cataloging and content moderation services but are now focussed on providing training data for autonomous driving, visual search, satellite imagery, OCR etc.Building Infrastructure that’ll democratize AI

Cuboids and Semantic Segmentation for autonomous driving

AI is the next frontier in technology. It will have a huge impact on all kinds of industries. Advancements in computing power and sheer availability of data are the two primary reasons for such rapid developments in AI. But it is still far from being enterprise ready. For eg., when you drive, there are multiple decisions you need to make amongst so many uncertainties (weather/lighting/ types of vehicles/oneway etc). You need a real human workforce to generate vast amounts of training data at an exponential scale. Where are we?In the last year, Playment community has grown to 250,000+ “work from home” players based all over India helping global companies.  Our 30+ enterprise clientele includes OEMs, startups, suppliers in autonomous driving, satellite imagery, visual search, OCR to largest e-commerce players in India and SE Asia. We have annotated 50M+ tags on our platform till date with current capacity being 1M/day.We provide dedicated subject matter experts to project manage the entire delivery with enterprise-grade SLAs. These subject matter experts work with customers and setup up customised workflows and train the community of annotators accordingly.Use of fundsWith the current round of funding, we would be expanding our product, engineering, and data science teams to build a complete suite of services for all kinds of AI technologies, keep improving our quality assurance models and build an internal AI research lab. Since we are getting a lot of demand from the US, AJ (Cofounder & Head of Business), would be setting up an office in the Bay area. We strongly believe Playment’s tools would play an instrumental role in this AI first world.To learn more about Playment, and for further details