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Meet GT Studio — Playment’s powerful, web-based data labeling platform for ML teams.

Siddharth Mall
March 22, 2021

We’re on a mission to expedite the AI age by helping innovators build ML-first technologies using high-quality ground truth datasets. The belief in the power of AI runs deep within our team and dictates so much of what we build at Playment and how we support our customers. 

Although the AI space has been long-dominated by a limited number of tech giants and early adopters, more recently broader Fortune 1000 ML teams, cutting-edge startups, and researchers in universities have started adopting ML technology. We started with a focus on Autonomous AI companies (ADAS/full self-driving across cars, trucks, and delivery robots), but today we have a diverse customer base across industries such as insurance, defense, retail, e-commerce, surveillance, satellite imagery, AR/VR, etc. 

It took many years and hundreds of millions of dollars for large technology behemoths such as Google and Facebook to build out the necessary infrastructure for ML development - one of the biggest blocker being access to high-quality data. 

Over the last 4 years, we’ve heavily invested in building better infrastructures for data labeling. Our labelers have spent 1M+ hours on our platform labeling data to generate 1.5B+ labels for a variety of computer vision use cases via our fully managed service model. Now with GT Studio, we are bringing our scalable platform that supports our mainstream data labeling business out to the world so more and more ML teams can have access to the right infrastructures to build their data pipelines for faster experimentation.

GT Studio — The Web-based Labeling Platform Is Here...

GT Studio is a scalable, web-based data labeling platform designed to empower ML teams. The platform is completely free for a team of 5 users so that ML teams can create labeled data faster to test their ML initiatives. 

We were pleased with the initial response we received from our users when we launched the beta version of GT Studio in 20Q4. Since then, we have had more than 350 active enterprise users from industries like autonomous driving, insurance, defense, and retail who have completed more than 160K labeling hours on GT Studio. A total of more than 3 million images have been labeled using GT Studio during our beta phase.

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A Platform To Empower Innovation — Our Vision For GT Studio

Most of the open-source tools available in the market, don’t make the cut for complex computer vision use cases. Having been in the industry for 5+ years, we’ve come across 100s of complex computer vision use cases in various industries and so we understand the kind of work that goes into labeling data accurately. From agriculture to autonomous driving, bounding boxes to point cloud segmentations, we’ve built annotation tools and have perfected workflows and quality check tools for any CV/AV use case you can practically think of. 

With GT Studio, we are looking forward to helping new innovators get easy access to high-performing labeling and QC tools without having to spend a huge amount of money on outsourcing expensive labeling operations in their early-stage ventures. 

Additionally, larger, mature teams can also manage multiple projects, data pipelines, and 100s of annotators on GT Studio without the hassle of managing numerous external vendors using sub-par management systems.

We are certain that GT Studio will level the playing field for all ML practitioners fueling AI innovation at scale, helping us get a step closer to our vision of expediting the AI age. 

Explore GT Studio: One Platform For All Data Labeling Needs

GT Studio: Data Labeling Platform for ML Teams

ML teams can now log on to GT Studio and effortlessly label data using mature image/video annotation tools and manage labeling pipelines and workforce with our project management software, all in one single interface. The platform is extremely user-friendly, secure, and is easily scalable; catering to the labeling needs of both early-stage and mature ML teams. 

GT Studio has two main components, GT Create and GT Manage. 

When you log into GT Studio, you will first be guided into the GT Manage interface where you can set up projects, invite teammates, create labeling workflows, and upload data. Once the projects are configured, you can navigate to the GT Create interface where you can actually start labeling your data faster than any other open-source tools. You could also invite a team of annotators who will only have access to the GT Create interface where they can complete annotation tasks without any distractions.

Here’s an overview of the two important components of GT Studio.

GT Create: High-Precision Image/Video Annotation Tools For Higher Productivity and Better Throughputs

GT Create: High-Precision Image/Video Annotation Tools

The GT Create interface lets you build highly-accurate image, video, and segmentation datasets 5X faster. It has built-in ML-assisted tools for pre-labeling, visual QC tools, and other controls that make labeling easier, faster, and more accurate.
ML teams can access:

GT Manage: Workflow Builder, Data Pipeline + Workforce Management Software, And Robust Analytics

GT Manage: Project + Workforce Management Software

The GT Manage interface lets you optimize labeling operations with quick project configuration mechanisms, custom project workflows, and analytics that simplify both project and workforce management.
ML teams can access: 

Try GT Studio for free today... 

Anyone can sign up and start using GT Studio. We have an excellent team to support you through your journey while exploring our platform. 

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