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List of Top AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning Resources

Mothi Venkatesh
November 7, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is the ‘in-thing’ now - Machines are increasingly behaving more intelligently and are maximizing the chances of succeeding greatly. We all know at least a little about Artificial Intelligence through some well-known apps such as Siri, Prisma, and Google Now. But 2018 will see a whole new development as far as AI is concerned.With the help of AI, your child’s learning pattern can be assessed. Followed by the creation of projects and learning material for your child. Apps can also be developed that help users shop as per their preferences by understanding their buying patterns through the use of AI.Today, we attempt at curating a list of AI resources like blogs and websites, worth reading or watching to know more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Top Artificial Intelligence Blogs

  1. Machine Learning Mastery by Jason Brownlee - Brownlee is a professional developer having quite a few higher degrees in Artificial Intelligence under his belt. He has worked extensively on machine learning systems for defense, startups and severe weather forecasting and totally loves what he does. As he describes in his posts, his primary reason for starting this blog is because of his passion towards helping professional developers get started and go ahead confidently while applying the knowledge of machine learning to address complex problems. He posts around 4 times a week providing you with plenty of information at one go!
  2. KDNuggets - Do I really need to give an introduction?Gregory I. Piatetsky is really doing awesome things for the machine learning fraternity. So, beyond technical blogs, you can find events/conferences, jobs, courses and more.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Resources by Marcus Zillman - An author, keynote speaker, and consultant. Zillman started this blog to monitor artificial intelligence resources and sites on the Internet. He not only curates information on AI all over the web but also produces extremely well researched white papers. To lay your hands on all the posts by Marcus Zillman simply subscribe to his newsletters and you are good to go. He posts around once a month.
  4. Amazon Web Services have spread their wings in multiple verticals and its blog on AI is one of them. AWS delivers a set of services forming a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud”. They post about two blogs per week providing content hungry readers with enough information to keep them glued to their screens.

Top YouTube Channels for AI, Machine Learning

Apart from blogs by individuals and companies, there are also youtube channels by individuals and particular information portals which curates and provides detailed information on artificial intelligence to its readers. Below is a list of such channels and information portals that you as a reader must check out.

  1. Are you one of those for whom visualization is the best way to gather information?Then MITCSAIL (Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) is one of the best channels to start following. They showcase all the research carried out by MITCSAIL on AI. Covering areas of research including robotics, systems theory, biology, machine learning, speech recognition, vision and even graphics.
  2. The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) has their own channel which provides in-depth informative videos on the various facets of AI. Wondering what the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is? It was founded in 2014 started by Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft and Dr. Oren Etzioni a world-renowned researcher and professor in the field of AI and computer science. Aimed towards conducting high-impact research and providing this information for the common good.
  3. With over 202K subscribers Siraj Rival’s youtube channel must definitely be checked out by all Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. Siraj Rival is a Dapp developer & entrepreneur who is the founder of a crowdfunding platform for developers called Havi. He has developed several iOS apps and has worked on a plethora of open source projects. Rival aims at inspiring and educating developers aiming to make the most of AI. The best part of his videos is that he encourages users to do it all by themselves.

Other Machine Learning Resources

  1. Machine Learning Weekly is a news-based website on Artificial Intelligence which provides readers with a hand-curated newsletter about machine learning and deep learning. These posts are curated by Alireza Samar. The frequency of the posts is around 2 monthly (Biweekly).
  2. Last but not the least being Reddit, which has found itself to be the best destination to chat about AI through /r/artificial and /r/machinelearning and the like, which are the best subreddit for ML. As stated on Reddit, anybody who is interested or has knowledge on Artificial Intelligence is welcome to contribute to the thread. Reddit urges its users to have a clear understanding about AI before posting as they encourage each comment to add value. People who have queries are also urged to put forward clear and concise questions to avoid miscommunication. Users are in fact asked to check out their burgeoning wiki to appreciate the breadth of the field.

Active Facebook Groups for Data Science

  1. Data Mining / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  2. Machine Learning Titans
  3. IDLI - Indian Deep Learning Initiative
  4. Machinelearningforum (Data Mining / Machine Learning / AI)
  5. (Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence)
  6. Bigdatastatistics (Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining and Statistics)
  7. Analyticsedge (Data Science with R)
  8. Bigdata analysis (Bigdata Machine Learning)
  9. Deep Learning / AI

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