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Crowdsourcing - Breaking It Down for a 10 Year Old!

Ajinkya Malasane
May 17, 2016

As a 10 year old, more often than not I found myself writing lines of “I will do my homework on time” a few hundred times on the classroom blackboard. I quickly learned to entice my classmates with chocolates to get them to collectively write the punishment. Faster and easier!

While in engineering, I turned out to be the smart cookie. Used academic outsourcing internet platforms and did projects for other students and earned money (often in dollars). You know that guy in your hostel who bought a bike and a swanky smartphone from his own money. That was me !! evil laugh

Now while working in the eCommerce industry, I realized...

Huge annexures of data..large task forces to tackle them. That seems to be the conventional norm of getting the job done...Do you really need to manage huge task forces when 1000’s of experts can perform the tasks for you at a faster pace and with higher accuracy levels?

How? ….. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing refers to breaking down your large jobs into simple tasks and putting it up on an internet platform for thousands of mobile users to perform and earn. Simply put, a marketplace where you can list your jobs for users to work on, complete and earn money. These technology-mediated channels give clients access to a large, skilled on-demand workforce of remote workers to get their jobs done.A few years back, the Delhi Traffic Police smartly used crowd-clicked photos as proof to prosecute violating vehicles. Citizens could just upload pictures on the Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page and help the police. This crowdsources format found a lot of popularity and was soon implemented by police departments in Mumbai and Pune. Micromax pioneered the Crowdsourcing platform in India by opening up a competition on for its new logo with the winner getting a Rs.1 lakh prize money. Such initiatives help organizations get an infusion of fresh ideas and perspectives.From the Oxford dictionary to Wikipedia, crowdsourcing has been a phenomenon pretty much prevalent in our ecosystem, only gathering traction in the recent years. Today, crowdsourcing in India has come a long way from being just creative idea generators to being an integral source of getting operational jobs outsourced or as we call it crowdsourced.Crowdsourcing has become a promising alternative to traditional employment in today’s digital era. It has transformed where, when, and how work is performed. For businesses, crowdsourcing provides broader access to specialized skills, more flexible and faster turnaround time, and 24‐hour productivity. It ensures higher efficiency levels via multiple user modules on the platform. For users, this form of outsourcing has created new opportunities to access, compete and create alternate sources of income at their flexibility with the basic requirement of a mobile phone and internet access. With growing trend to focus on smarter and flexible workplaces, Crowdsourcing provides a lean and ideal on-demand at ease workplace to deliver quality results.In a country like India where smartphone usage is still in its nascent stage and on an upward growth curve, crowdsourcing’s potential as an innovative channel for socioeconomic development for developing country governments as well as private organisations, particularly in terms of youth employment, service offerings and participation in the digital economy is a progressive technology development.At Playment, we are co-creating an incremental innovation in the current job-outsourcing ecosystem by leveraging the might of the masses. Collaboration is the key, we are linking the entire business value chain with a dynamic and cost effective Pay Per Use/ Perform model. We are a platform which acts an interface between an on demand skilled workforce and the job outsourcing organizations. Crowdsourcing as a model has potential to be implemented in a cross-functional industry domain, from e-commerce to age-old retail and FMCG industries. We realize the strength of India’s mass youth and want to utilize it through our platforms in the best possible ways. A marriage between technology and manpower is the way forward in creating efficient and enabled workforces for tomorrow.Since inception, Playment in the last 9 months has worked with top e-commerce players, successfully offloading over 3 million product tagging jobs to its 300k+ user base.Schedule 1:1 Demo