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8 Instant Benefits of Switching To A Mature Data Labeling Platform

Merlin Peter
May 26, 2021

Data labeling is an indispensable part of building production AI. Subsequently, data labeling or annotation platforms become extremely important in an ML project lifecycle. Many teams grapple with low-performing and non-customisable open-source tools or resort to using open datasets during the initial stages of an ML project. But as the complexities of these projects increase, these methods become very ineffective in providing the desired outcomes. Most of the open-source tools available in the market, don’t make the cut for complex computer vision use cases and largely stall the progress of ML initiatives. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore — it’s time to try GT Studio.

GT Studio is a scalable, web-based data labeling platform designed to do the heavy-lifting for annotators and ML engineers so projects aren’t stalled. so that ML teams can create labeled data faster to test their ML initiatives. 

A few months ago, we launched GT Studio with the best FREE plan in the data labeling industry. The platform is completely free for a team of 5 users. The annotation tools are mature, customisable, and compatible with complex use cases. From agriculture to autonomous driving, bounding boxes to segmentation, we’ve built annotation tools and have perfected workflows and quality check tools for any CV/AV use case you can practically think of. 

Here are 8 instant benefits of switching to a mature data labeling platform like GT Studio:

1. High-performing annotation tools

It is extremely critical to consider and test whether or not the annotation tools provided by the training data platform you are testing can support a large number of objects and labels per image without sacrificing loading times. We understand that every second can have a huge impact on the big picture. 

At Playment, our ergonomically designed tools coupled with smart, ML-assisted functions help reduce the time taken to produce pixel-perfect labels consistently.

2. Highly customisable tool functions

Have unique specs or pre-labeled data? Dealing with different annotation types for the same project? Want specialized ontology controls with classifications, custom attributes, hierarchical relationships, or more? 

It’s extremely simple with GT Studio. Every simple or complex requirement of your project can be incorporated into the workflow during the set-up process. The platform is completely customisable to your labeling needs. 

3. Simply drag and drop your data

GT Studio was built to ease the entire process of integrating data with the annotation platform. You can simply drag and drop files into your custom dashboard in multiple batches and the platform automatically creates labeling jobs as per the pre-configured project specifications. You can also use your own models and speed up the data transfer process using our powerful APIs to make the process seamless. 

4. Faster setup with built-in workflows 

GT Studio’s built-in Workflow Builder helps faster project setup with effective workflows that are ready to use. ML teams can also play around with pre-configured labeling steps to build creative pipelines for their labeling requirements. The platform lets you:

5. Faster labeling with a simple and intuitive UI

An intuitive tool design helps lower the cognitive load on labelers, enabling fast labeling. Features like keyboard shortcuts, image editing options, labeling shortcuts become very critical for professional labelers who are working on the platform all day.

GT Studio is packed with intuitive features that make labeling faster, easier, and more accurate. 

6. Quality control tools & metrics

Quality is the most important piece in data labeling because it directly affects the outcomes of the ML models. It is measured by both the consistency and the accuracy of labeled data. At Playment, we’ve perfected our quality assurance engine over the last five years. We’ve developed accurate sampling and quantification procedures to make quality control seamless for our users.   

With GT Studio, you can easily monitor quality at every step of the process. Maker-reviewer workflows ensure the data is being reviewed and edited on the go. With features like multi-user verification, instant comments, and visual inspection tools, the review loops are shorter and more effective. The creation of sample QC tasks can be executed in just a few clicks. Important metrics like confusion metrics, precision, and recall, quantification of quality is as simple as it can get. 

7. Collaborative interface & performance monitoring

Having an all-in-one platform that lets you invite and supervise all your annotators or team members is important for both the scalability of the project and data security. GT Studio includes granular options to invite users, provide role-based access controls, and a comprehensive performance review stack to monitor project processes and individual performances that are vital for seamless project execution.

With Playment, setting up a project and inviting new members is extremely easy, and there are many options for monitoring their performance, including granular statistics on seconds needed to label an image, accuracy, mistakes flagged, efficiency, etc. This allows you to implement several quality control mechanisms based on data to improve annotator performance.

8. Built-in security and compliance

Playment recently acquired the SOC 2 Type I certification. We adhere to the highest standards of data security for our customers. We refrain from using any data that’s upload onto our platform and ensure data is stored only to provide seamless services. We also offer anonymization services for adherence to GDPR, CCPA, and other important data regulations.

Try GT Studio for free today... 

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