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2017: Year in Review & Look Ahead

Mothi Venkatesh
January 23, 2018

“They say it always seems impossible until it is done.”In 2017, we set out to make it faster and easier to gather training data with Playment. We gained 16 new team members, nearly doubling the team size to 40 folks. Nearly 300, 000+ qualified players joined the platform performing more than a million annotations for our customers every week.

Lookback Playment 2017

Before getting a peek into 2018, let’s look back at the highlights and product releases in the past year.

Looking Back: New product features & enhancements

2017 has been a glorious year for the AI-first world. The same can be said for the Playment family. As we gathered the increasing demand for annotation on computer vision models for object detection, we started building bounding box annotation tool and a significant number of improvements in our overall platform.After being featured on TechCrunch, we saw huge interest from visionary startups and global enterprises for our platform to realize the need for good data to build trustable AI solving huge real-life problems.

Helping computer vision teams build better models

We’ve shipped some awesome things in 2017 which you might not see but, definitely experience. Here’s what happened:

Rolling out the new Image Annotation types

Image Annotation

We’ve built the comprehensive set of image annotation tools, solving a wide range of use cases.

  1. 3D Cuboids to help you localize vehicles, pedestrians, etc, along with spatial distance estimation from a 2D image without sensors like LIDAR or RADAR.
  2. Points & Lines to train commercial AV's on highways for lane detection.
  3. Polygonal Segmentation to generate detailed object outline for even more accurate object localization and complete scene understanding.

Targets for 2018

Here're some important targets we planned to achieve this year.1. Best in class AI infrastructure companyNo matter how great your algorithm could be, you still need to feed an enormous amount of good data to achieve pixel-perfect recognition and detection capabilities. And, that's what Playment is focussed on.2. Full ecosystem for Computer VisionWe're launching Video and LiDar 3D point cloud annotation tools in the coming month. Our new tools with improved user experience (UX) will make image annotations easier and faster than ever before. Better the experience, faster the turnaround time would be, lower the cost.If you're looking for an annotation partner, we'd encourage you to request a free demo.