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Ajinkya Malasane
Head of Business & Co-founder at Playment
Computer Vision

Decision Framework For Data Labeling Strategy

Busting common misbeliefs about data labeling workflows and budgets to provide a realistic decision framework that will take your data labeling strategy from flawed to flawless.
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Autonomous Driving

A Primer on LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles

Playment builds products that help perception engineers build huge amount of highly accurate datasets to train their models.
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Smart Outsourcing

Crowdsourcing - Breaking It Down for a 10 Year Old!

As a 10 year old, more often than not I found myself writing lines of “I will do my homework on time” a few hundred times on the classroom blackboard. I quickly learned to entice my classmates with chocolates to get them to collectively write the punishment. Faster and easier!
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